Corporate Responsibility

Creating value for all

For our ability to create added value for our clients and staff, our shareholders and society in the long term, how we do business is just as important as how much business we do. Our complex business model is dependent on stable and responsible corporate governance principles and management processes

Employees are encouraged to follow good principles of social behavior which are reflected in the Group's social and ethics policy. This policy is regularly updated and communicated to staff via the intranet.

The Board believes the Group has a relatively low social impact but nevertheless sees the value that can be added through corporate social responsibility. Participation in activities with local communities where it carries out its business helps to integrate the Group with local communities.

Employees are encouraged to nominate charities they would like to raise funds for and to participate actively in raising money for those charities through internal fundraising events, several of which are typically held each year. In addition, the Group sponsors charity events, such as, for example, charity runs or bicycle rides, and also give sponsorship to individual staff who undertake activities for charity

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